Plangman v2.0.3

Plangman v2.0.3 is now live. In addition to the changes listed below, it includes an experimental Linux build. If you're a Linux user, please let me know if it works for you.

  • Backed off the minimum zoom so that you can see more of the level, even when zoomed in all the way
  • Added a jetpack sound effect
  • Added a camera shake effect
  • Improved the jetpack animation
  • Fixed a hoverboard bug that prevented pushing blocks while riding it
  • Dropping a letter with an enemy on it into the abyss now zooms out x2, just like smashing an enemy with a letter does
  • Made the somewhat tricky puzzles in levels 9 and 19 optional instead of required
  • Reverted an earlier change to the zoom in/out rules. The first right/wrong guess zooms you out/in once. Subsequent right/wrong guesses zoom you out/in x2.
  • Made minor improvements to various levels based on playtesting
  • The sound effect for smashing an enemy is now played at the enemy's location instead of the player's
  • Revised a few visual clues

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Jan 21, 2019

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