Plangman v2.6.1

Plangman v2.6.1 is now live. It's a small release with some helpful usability improvements.

  • Changed the clue object from an atom to a key.
  • Separated tips (revealed via a new compass object) from clues.
  • Modified the zoom count to blink when it reaches zero.
  • Revised a few levels based on player feedback.
  • Added a few new words (including the one shown in the above screenshot).
  • Made it easier to jump off stars.
  • Updated the ending in the basic version so it prompts the player to try the Extras.
  • Updated the * symbol in the Level Editor to represent a zoom star if there's no clue for the current word, and removed support for the - symbol.
  • Added the ability to click to advance the story text.
  • Added a "broken jetpack" (aka double-jump powerup) to the Challenge a Friend demo level.
  • Fixed a Level Editor bug where ~ characters in comments weren't being ignored.
  • Fixed a bug where multiple clue objects could be spawned in custom levels.

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