Plangman v2.6.2

Plangman v2.6.2 is now live. It's a small but significant update.

  • Added a secret message to the visual clue in Level 25 to help players who didn't notice the earlier clues to complete the level without external help.
  • Added a way to unlock all the levels from the main menu. See the walkthrough for instructions.
  • Removed all the main game limitations (maximum of three words per level, no bonus tower at the end, etc.) from the web version.
  • Made the Deluxe Edition and soundtrack free!


Plangman Deluxe 2.6.2 (Windows).zip 19 MB
Jul 01, 2022
Plangman Deluxe 2.6.2 (Mac).zip 36 MB
Jul 01, 2022
Plangman Deluxe 2.6.2 (Linux).zip 38 MB
Jul 01, 2022

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