In Plangman, you take on the role of a space pilot imprisoned in a dungeon of forgotten memories. Guess words to reconstruct your past, and use what you learn to rescue the girl you love and defeat the wizard who holds you both prisoner.

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"A well-crafted puzzle adventure with innovative gameplay and plenty of heart"
Free Game Planet

"Plangman is the platforming version of hangman, and you can’t see me now but I'm giving that portmanteau a standing ovation."
- PC Gamer

"Lovingly designed"
- c't

"Plangman is billed as a game that 'blends hangman and platforming' but that doesn't do its weirdness justice."
Game Informer

"This is really good! The story was captivating, the gameplay was unique, the difficulty was just right, everything was amazing. Thank you for making this and putting it out for people to play it, I loved it."
- Reddit commenter

"I am a huge, huge fan of Plangman's delivery. Everything from how the story's told, to the gameplay, to the music, it all has this air of just wanting to tell a tale for someone to enjoy. And it does a GREAT job."
Indie Bytes


  • Innovative gameplay (Wheel of Fortune meets Lode Runner)
  • A space opera fairy tale...in space!
  • Inspiring synthesizer soundtrack
  • 25 main story levels
  • Over 70 possible words to guess, each with its own visual clue
  • Puzzles with multiple solutions
  • Randomization of words and level layouts, making each playthrough unique

Deluxe Edition Features

  • Nearly 100 extra words to guess
  • 5-level Epilogue
  • 25 Lost Levels, featuring a new "broken jetpack" (aka double-jump) mechanic
  • 15 two-player "Challenge a Friend" levels, where one player can enter a word for another player to guess
  • Text-based Level Editor, which can be used to create your own levels and stories
  • Downloadable soundtrack
  • A zip containing all the visual clues


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Langman - an early prototype of Plangman (Windows).zip 36 MB
Plangman Deluxe (Windows).zip 22 MB
if you pay $4.99 USD or more
Plangman Deluxe (Mac).zip 39 MB
if you pay $4.99 USD or more
Plangman Deluxe (Linux).zip 42 MB
if you pay $4.99 USD or more
Plangman Clues.zip 1.2 MB
if you pay $4.99 USD or more
Plangman Soundtrack.zip 42 MB
if you pay $4.99 USD or more

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A crummy commercial?  Son of a B!  Just kidding lol  - this game was amazing.  I figured I'd only play a few levels and get bored, but the story was so good!  And trying to figure out what all the other hints were about along the way.  I found them really hard to read with them fading in/out, and in the end had to rely on the spoiler :(  I loved it, though!  This is truly a hidden gem


Thanks! I'm glad it drew you in, despite your initial expectations.


One thing I really thought was neat was how each level had a few possible solutions - which meant additional assets that some of us will never see.

Yes, most levels have at least five possible words to guess. But some have more. One level has twenty!

The Lost Levels reuse the words and clues from the main game, giving you a chance to see more of them.


A unique game that really has a clear voice of its own. Respect!

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Thanks for letting me know you enjoyed it!



Glad you enjoyed it!


Can't believe I only just came across this game. The writing is captivating, the gameplay smooth.. and that sound track *chefs kiss*. Great Work.

Thanks for the kind words!


the soundtrack is such a vibe


Glad to hear it "resonated" with you.


infinite health bug. just reset then get star on level J.

When you reset, your health should also be reset to whatever it was when the level started. Are you seeing something different?


Well done, this was fun to play.

Thanks for playing!


a new update? though this game was done since i havent played since like 2020, amazing work my bro!

It's come a long way since you last played. I hope you enjoy the updates!


This is incredible. There's nothing else to say

Thanks so much.